El Paso, Texas

About Terry

Putting an idea down on paper and have it come alive through the medium of mosaic is my passion. I’ve always been attracted to “shiny materials” such as tile and glass. Back in the 80’s my medium of choice was copper enamel, shiny glass fused onto copper. It is these materials; glass, tile and a few odd found objects, such as marbles, jewelry, dishes, coins and stones that I use in my mosaics to help tell a story…evoke an emotion…capture your imagination and make you smile. Each piece takes on a life and soul of its own. Art has always been a huge part of my life, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t using my imagination and creating something. I have dabbled in many mediums over the years which led me to awe-ha moment when I decided to teach art in the public schools. After 20+years of teaching high school art, I am excited to start studio classes and workshops for adults. My goal is to provide an art program that will allow adults to have fun, be creative and at the same time make something beautiful. I have always loved the socialization of having a group of friends over to create art, have a meal, and laugh. That is how I want my classes to be, enjoyable while still providing a challenge. I have found that mosaic combines all my artistic experiences and allows me to paint with shape and color. I am excited to share this exciting medium and more at my home studio.