El Paso, Texas

Upcoming Classes

Mosaic Pet Memorial

By Appointment

This is a beginner class where you can memorialize your pet with a custom Memorial Garden Stone Mosaic. You will learn a new skill as you create a beautiful mosaic for your garden. All materials are provided but feel free to bring meaningful mementos of your pet. (dog tags etc.) $80.00

Mosaic 101

By Appointment

This workshop is to introduce beginners to the exciting medium of Mosaic. You will enjoy creating your very own 8”x 8” mosaic of any simple design you choose. Monthly themes are introduced such as spring or fall flower, valentine heart, Christmas poinsettia etc. All materials are provided and I promise that you will take home something that you will be proud of as well as learn a new skill. All materials are provided. $80.00

In this workshop we will break up colorful and textured china plates to make beautiful cactus mosaics. I will teach you basic mosaic techniques, such as cutting and assembling. All supplies are provided but feel free to bring any special dishes of your own. $80.00

Frida Mosaic Class

By Appointment

Due to high demand, I have created a Frida Mosaic Class! Make your own Frida on a 6x12" substrate out of an assortment of china shards. This class is suitable for beginners, as many of the pieces are pre-cut. All materials are provided but feel free to bring your own heart, flower, bird, charms or jewels for Frida to hold. $80.00

Cross Mosaic Class

By Appointment

Come and create a beautifu,l mosaic cross in this fun and creative workshop. You will be provided with a 7" cross to mosaic anyway you choose. All materials are provided but please feel free to bring along any broken jewelry, tile or china that is special to you for the center of your cross. $80.00.

Bunny Mosaic Class

By Appointment

Bunny's are not just for Easter. This adorable, mosaic bunny can decorate your walls all year around. This is a brand new class where you get to learn beaded mosaic techniques and picassiette (broken china) mosaic techniques. This is an all day class so prepare to learn lots of fun techniques, make friends and take home something to be proud of. $125.00

Cupcake Beaded Mosaic

By Appointment

These cupcakes look good enough to eat. Colorful beads are your mosaic candy! Your options are endless because You get to pick your own colors and designs. This is a brand new class where you will get to learn beaded mosaic techniques as well as glass mosaic. $80.00

The Birds and the Bees

By Appointment

Do you want to learn about the MOSAIC BIRDS & BEES? This is a great beginner class, although the bees require a little more cutting. We create these winged creatures with colorful plates that you can collect from Savers or Goodwill. Look for the ones with colorful rims. We will put them all in the center of the table and let our imaginations run wild. All materials are provided. $80.00

Mosaic Heart Class

By Appointment

This class is a chance to create an unique and creative mosaic heart. I will provide a wide range of materials like tile, beads, jewels, glass, etc. Please bring any special china, jewelry or keepsakes that you may want to include in your heart. You will go home with a mosaic heart for you to keep or give as a gift. $80.00

If your the type of person that meticulously plots and plans a project, you may find this mosaic class quite refreshing. Spontaneity is the way to be, whatever happens, happens. I have collected a whole box of broken dishes and wonderful rusty stuff to choose from. You will learn to see broken objects in a new and exciting way as you build your abstract mosaic. Beginners or advanced artists will enjoy this class! All supplies are included but feel free to bring rusty parts or broken dishes to add to your project. $80.00